Nintendo Power Issue #7 – July/Aug 1989

Episode 52 – The last Nintendo Power read-through I did ended up being the most popular video in the series, so let’s do it again! This is the 1-year anniversary issue and only the 7th issue of the magazine. A great line-up of games includes Mega Man 2, Dragon Warrior, Journey to Silius, Super Off-Road, and many more!

Show notes:

– I wasn’t planning on making this episode right now because I have other videos coming down the pipe, but this sponsorship opportunity came along, so I wanted to take advantage. No doubt a few vocal naysayers are going to have a problem with this, but I really was serious when I said that we need stuff like this if the show is going to continue. Or at the very least, the magazine read-throughs.

– I smashed my thumb in my car door, that’s why there’s a black spot. It’s almost gone.

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