Classic Gaming Quarterly was originally conceived in the Winter of 2006 as an unrealized idea for a print fanzine focused on 16-bit gaming called “Sweet 16”. This then morphed into “Classic Gaming Quarterly”, a play on “Gentleman’s Quarterly” that was to be more generally about retrogaming.  Although it took 3 years, the idea finally came to fruition in the Autumn of 2009, in the form of this website, which through the years has undergone a few facelifts and a migration into a content management system.

In the Summer of 2013, Classic Gaming Quarterly launched a YouTube channel.  Initially just producing short, single game reviews, the channel now focuses on longer-form content covering more in-depth topics, as well as read-throughs of vintage gaming magazines.


Chris Alaimo (Creator): Growing up in the 80’s, Chris cut his gaming teeth on the Nintendo Entertainment System as well as the popular arcade titles of the day. As a 90’s teenager Chris is a veteran of the 16-bit console wars and was also an avid DOS PC gamer. For almost 3 decades he has been collecting games and gaming-related items from the Atari VCS era up through the modern day.