sweet16Classic Gaming Quarterly is dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of obsolete interactive entertainment.  It is written by, and for, fans of classic gaming and classic gaming journalism. CGQ features reviews of classic games, as well as in-depth book reviews, series overviews, and the technical aspects of classic gaming.

Classic Gaming Quarterly was originally conceived in the Winter of 2006 as an idea for a fanzine focused on 16-bit gaming called “Sweet 16” that was going to be print-only. This idea then morphed into “Classic Gaming Quarterly”, a play on “Gentleman’s Quarterly” that was to be more generally about retrogaming.  Although it took 3 years, the idea finally came to fruition in the Autumn of 2009, in the form of this website (albeit a horrific, HTML-only abomination.)  In the Summer of 2015, the site was overhauled and now uses a content management system.

In the Summer of 2013, Classic Gaming Quarterly launched a YouTube channel.  Initially just producing short, single game reviews, the channel now focuses on longer-form content covering more in-depth topics.

ChrisChris Alaimo (Creator, Editor-in-Chief, YouTube Host): With a childhood steeped in the 1980’s, Chris cut his gaming teeth on the Nintendo Entertainment System as well as the popular arcade titles of the day. For almost 2 decades he has been collecting games and gaming-related items from the Atari VCS era up through the modern day. When he is not playing or reviewing games, he enjoys collecting and reading issues of EGM, GamePro, and Nintendo Power from the late 80’s and early 90’s, and enjoying various user-created gaming content on YouTube and iTunes.