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The Original 3-Inch “Classic Gaming Quarterly” Sticker

This “Classic Gaming Quarterly” sticker takes its design cues from the old T&C Surf Designs stickers from the 1980’s.  The artwork was even drawn by the same artist responsible for the T&C characters, including Thrilla Gorilla!  High-quality vinyl-coated stickers that can stand up to abuse!  These are waterproof, so you can even put them on things like travel coffee mugs, and they won’t come off when you wash.  Can’t speak to their durability in the dishwasher.  At this price, buy a handful of them, and use them to vandalize your school, neighborhood, or workplace.

$3.00 each.

3-Inch “Weekend Rental” Vending Machine Sticker

The newest offering from the Classic Gaming Quarterly media empire, “Weekend Rental” is YouTube’s hottest new show.  If you hate glitter (and you should) but like a human raccoon can’t resist things that are sparkly, this is the sticker for you! Reminiscent of the vending machine stickers of the past, these were 50 cents back in the day, yet cost a whopping $3 now!  I always spent my quarters on a handful of “Runts”, but you do you, pal. Sticker is 3″ wide.

$3.00 Each

6-Inch “Classic Gaming Quarterly” Mega Sticker

Originally designed as a Sony PlayStation lid sticker, this is simply a 6-inch version of our classic round sticker.  While you can certainly stick it on a PSX, it also makes an excellent substitute sticker for elderly fans with poor eyesight.  Legend has it that “Joe from Nashville” had one of these very stickers stuck to the drivers side door of his car, and it got him out of a speeding ticket, IN TEXAS!

$6.00 each.

3-Inch “Classic Gaming Quarterly” Vinyl Window Cling

Want to fly your CGQ freak flag but aren’t down with putting stickers on your car?  I hear you, brother.  These vinyl window clings look just like their sticker siblings, but stick to glass without using adhesive.  Great for a car window, your bathroom mirror, etc.  Use your imagination!  I have one stuck to the front of my microwave, just so that my wife knows what time it is.  Note that the “clingy” part is on the back, so you can not stick it on the inside of a car window, unless you only want people in your car to see it!

$5.00 each.

CGQ Beverage Coaster

How many times has your mom told you to “USE A COASTER” when putting your drink on the coffee table?  Well, now you’re an adult and it’s beer instead of apple juice, but it’s also your coffee table and you finally understand what she was always going on about.  This is a thick paper coaster, just like you sort of have a vague memory of seeing at the bar last night, just before everything went black and you got to forget about the fact that your life is slowly slipping away from you.

$3.00 each.

The Original “Classic Gaming Quarterly” Postcard

Sure, you can get one of these for free by simply sending a postcard of your own in to the show, but if you’re a real collector who needs things to be in mint condition, then the last thing you want is someone’s chicken scratch handwriting all over it!  These also make for cool miniature posters!  Stick one on the wall above the urinal in the mens room and watch things get awkward – fast!  Or just buy a bunch and mail them to random people in the phone book.  Do they still even publish the phone book?

$0.50 each.

Limited-Edition Orwellian CGQ Postcard

The product of a late night in the CGQ offices, when things seem cooler or funnier than they are in the harsh light of day, these postcards are meant to evoke the imagery of George Orwell’s 1984.  Think of these as little tiny propaganda posters, and think of it as your job to come up with places to post them for maximum effect.  “Limited Edition” because these are kind of creepy, so I don’t imagine that I’ll be ordering more once these are gone.  Limited Supply.

$0.50 each.

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