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Please note: Orders placed between October 11-21 will ship out on or around Monday October 22.

Want to support Classic Gaming Quarterly but can’t find our Patreon page?  While we think it’s great that you want to support the show, we would much rather give you something in return for your hard-earned cash!  All proceeds from purchases made in the Classic Gaming Quarterly shop go directly towards the production of the show.

“Classic Gaming Quarterly” Superfan Sticker Pack

Two of our 3″ vinyl stickers, one JUMBO 6″ sticker (which is perfectly-sized to serve as a Playstation lid sticker) and one CGQ post card, which can be shipped to you blank for your own use, or can be signed and personalized by your favorite YouTube host!

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“Classic Gaming Quarterly” Sticker 2-Pack

Our new “Classic Gaming Quarterly” stickers take their design cue from the old T&C Surf Designs stickers from the 1980’s.  The artwork was even drawn by the same artist responsible for the T&C characters, including Thrilla Gorilla!  High-quality vinyl-coated stickers that can stand up to abuse!  You will receive two 3″ stickers – one for your car, and one for the lid of your laptop!  Unlike the t-shirts, these stickers can be shipped worldwide.

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“Classic Gaming Quarterly” T-Shirts

Skater-style t-shirt design reminiscent of the late 1980’s.  These shirts are screen-printed on white Hanes Beefy-T’s.  Click here for more information about the CGQ shirts.  These are printed in small batches, so quantities are often limited.  Currently, only size XL is in stock.  If you’re looking for a shirt, be sure to e-mail us and tell us you want us to print more!

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