CGQ Mixtape Vol. 3 – PC Engine Chip Shooters

It’s time for volume 3, and is the third time the charm? You bet it is! This mixtape is all about PC Engine HuCard shooters, and this one is my favorite tape so far! Shooters were one of the most popular genres of video game in the late 80s and very early 90s, and games like R-Type, Gradius, and the entire “Soldier” series are known not only for their stellar (heh) gameplay, but amazing music as well. As I’ve said before, this tape is not supposed to represent the best shooters on the PC Engine, simply what I think is the best music from those games.

Big thanks go out to fellow YouTubers BitHead1000 and Shmup Junkie, who helped my select the tracks for this mixtape. Check them out here:

Shmup Junkie:

The above video features audio recorded straight off of a JVC TD-V662 cassette deck.  Most of the VGM audio files are FLAC rips, and each side of the tape was put together in my editing software so that I could normalize the audio levels.  The audio was recorded onto a 1996 Maxell XLII.

Make Your Own Mixtape

To make your own copy of this mixtape, you’ll need a cassette deck that can record to tape and has a line-in, a blank 60 minute cassette, and (ideally) a color printer.  Clink the link below the image to download the PDF of the J-card (which is just a fancy term for the cassette insert), print it full-size (8.5 x 11) and cut it along the guide lines.  The J-card looks best printed on semi-gloss photo paper on an inkjet or color laser printer:

CGQ Mixtape Vol 3 J-Card

Two sound files, in MP3 format, are linked below.  Each audio file already contains 7 seconds of silence at the beginning to account for the leader in the cassette, so start playing the audio file at the same time you hit the “record” button on your tape deck.  The file also contains several minutes of silence at the end, so that you can let each side of the tape record until it stops.  Simply (and obviously) record one sound file to each side of the tape.

PC Engine Chip Shooters Side A
PC Engine Chip Shooters Side B