GamePro Issue #1 – May/June 1989

Episode 49 – The premiere issue of GamePro, from May/June of 1989. A multi-platform magazine based in the Bay Area of California, it started out as a bimonthly periodical, but switched to monthly after just 3 issues. GamePro and Electronic Gaming Monthly were the two most-popular multiplatform gaming magazines in the 1990’s, covering both sides of the 16-bit console wars. GamePro also had an associated TV show in the early 90’s, called GamePro TV and hosted by J.D. Roth. While EGM targeted teenage gamers, GamePro went after a younger crowd, featuring shorter, more easily digestible articles and cartoony graphics.

This first issue, as expected, primarily covers the Nintendo Entertainment System, but also touches on the Sega Master System, and to a much lesser extent, the Atari 7800 ProSystem. In the earlier days of the magazine, GamePro had not yet taken on the “kiddie” persona, and featured longer-form editorial content and scoreless reviews.

Show notes:

– I used a lavalier mic to record this entire episode. It isn’t terrible, but I much prefer the sound that I get out of my AT 2020 mics.

– I recorded all of the game play footage for this episode using a RetroPie-equipped Raspberry Pi plumbed into my Elgato. Normally I’m not a fan of capturing emulator footage, but I think it’s OK for these magazine readthroughs, and it’s a lot more convenient.

– This issue of GamePro was generously donated to the show by “Brian” from Ottawa, Ontario. Thanks, Brian!

All the usual crapola that no one reads:

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