Let’s Read! Die Hard GameFan Issue #2

Episode 37 – Let’s read Die Hard GameFan volume 1 issue 2 from December of 1992, but first let’s just take a quick look at how the magazine got started:

Diehard Game Club was a video game store and mail order business in Tarzana California. The store was owned by Dave Halverson, who back then advertised his mail order business in the back of Electronic Gaming Monthly. These advertisements were created by a guy named Tim Lindquist, a layout artist who had a side-job doing freelance ad design. Halverson started distributing quarterly game catalogs to his customers, and hired Lindquist to design them. In late 1992 these catalogs morphed into the magazine Diehard Game Fan. The first issue of the magazine was actually self-published and printed at Lindquist’s day job at “TV Fanfare Publications”, who published free-to-distribute magazines like “Sports & Soaps” One of the employees at the store actually drove around the Los Angeles area dropping stacks of this issue off, for free, to any newsstand willing to sell them. By the time the second issue was ready to print, Halverson had made a deal with a magazine distributor, and Diehard Gamefan was available nation-wide.

Show notes:

– This is the first magazine readthrough that I’ve done in almost exactly a year. I was planning on stopping the series, but have gotten requests for more.

– I am still very unhappy with the quality of the video footage of the magazine itself (which is part of the reason why I stopped doing these). Unfortunately, if I don’t shoot in lower light, there is too much glare from the glossy paper of the magazine. Still working on figuring out a better lighting scheme.

– This should have been a quick episode to produce, but I wanted to up the production quality by overlaying footage of the games I was talking about, and I wanted to add the section at the beginning covering the history of the magazine. This made the episode take at least 10x longer to put together.

– All video game footage featured in this episode was recorded using an emulator (either OpenEmu or MAME), because it just wasn’t worth recording actual hardware when I was only going to use 10 or so seconds of the footage.

All the usual crapola that no one reads:




All video game footage featured on Classic Gaming Quarterly is recorded from actual game hardware, unless otherwise noted. As of episode 35, it is recorded in RGB using an XRGB Mini Framemeister and an Elgato Game Capture HD. Prior to that, it was recorded in s-video using am RGB to s-video encoder and a DVD recorder. All videos are edited on a MacBook Pro using Final Cut Pro X.

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