RetroBlast: A 90’s Gaming Retrospective

My good friend Anthony just launched a new podcast last week. “RetroBlast: A 90’s Gaming Retrospective” is a chronological look back at his entire gaming history, starting with the beginning of the 16-bit generation. Anthony’s perspective is uncommon in the new age of content media creation, in that he’s in his mid-40’s, and was therefore … Read more

Elevator Action Returns for the Sega Saturn

Episode 34 – I really dislike the term “hidden gem” because it’s the go-to phrase for YouTube click-bait creators, but Elevator Action really does fall squarely into that category.  Released by Taito into the arcades in 1994, it was the follow-up to the original 1983 arcade game, which itself was released on the NES.  Elevator … Read more

Retro Gamer #146 Esta Aqui…

Every month, we give you a spoiler-free run-down of what’s in the current (for the United States) issue of Retro Gamer magazine, letting you decide whether or not it’s worth buying.   This month we’re getting some culture up in this B’ by going bilingual.  Hopefully that doesn’t make people who see it in Google search … Read more

Shinobi for the Sega Master System

Episode 33 – This week on the show we take a look back at Shinobi on the Sega Master System, after covering The Revenge of Shinobi on last month’s “The Genesis in 1989” retrospective. This game is probably best known for the first-person shuriken-throwing bonus stages, but it’s an excellent side-scrolling action game that any … Read more