Mega Everdrive Version 2 Walkthrough & Review

Episode 29 – This week on the show, I take a look at the newest product in the Everdrive line for the Sega Genesis and Megadrive, the Mega Everdrive version 2. This product allows you to load games directly from an SD card, so that you can play ROMs without using an emulator. This product also allows you to play Master System games without needing a Power Base Converter, and also allows you to play 32X games, if you have a 32X console. The Mega Everdrive loads games much faster than the Everdrive MD, allows you to load CD BIOS files from other regions (so that you can play out-of-region games without modding your console), and also acts as a Sega CD memory back-up cart, which means that you no longer have to delete all of your game saves to make room for others. This is a must-have product for Genesis and Mega Drive enthusiasts!

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