The R.C. Pro-Am Series Retrospective

Episode 19 – This week on the show, I take a look back at the R.C. Pro-Am franchise. I review R.C. Pro-Am for the NES, Super R.C. Pro-Am for the Game Boy, Championship Pro-Am for the Sega Genesis, and R.C. Pro-Am II for the NES. A lot of people don’t realize that there was more than one game in this series, but all of the games are a lot of fun and are worth playing.

The original R.C. Pro-Am was and still is one of my favorite games on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The Sega Genesis version is actually the same game, just upgraded for a 16-bit system. The Game Boy release is a respectable entry in the series for a handheld console, and R.C. Pro-Am II, again on the NES is a lesser known but amazing sequel. It’s a real shame that a real 16-bit sequel was never released on the Super Nintendo!