Vegas Dream

Developer: HAL Publisher: HAL Genre: Casino Released: 03/1990 Rating: 3.0
Nintendo Entertainment System
Developer: HAL
Publisher: HAL
Genre: Casino
Released: 03/1990
Rating: 3.0

Vegas Dream is a casino-style gambling game featuring 4 games; blackjack, roulette, keno, and a slot machine.

You start off the game with $700, but various events in the game aside from the outcome of gambling itself have an effect on your cash flow. Every so often during the game, you are interrupted by someone wanting to speak with you. It could be that you inherit $5000 from a dead uncle, get an opportunity to invest in the stock market, or that some woman wants to have a drink with you.

If you agree to have a drink with the woman and then agree to see her again, she comes back and proposes to you! Getting married has consequences on the game, both positive and negative. Taking a bride/groom could come with a cash bonus, or you could end up marrying a con-artist who takes off with some of your dough. While these events help spice up the game, they are random as is their outcome, making them just as risky a bet as any of the games.

For me, blackjack is the real draw with this game, as it’s the only game that really requires much strategy or decision making. Roulette and keno are both just variations on “pick a number and see what happens”, and your only options on the slot machines are to pick your bet, and buy up to 3 lines on the machine. The latter 3 games get boring fast, so you’ll probably keep going back to blackjack. Some sort of video poker would have helped this game out a lot in my eyes, as passive betting seems a lot less fun when you aren’t betting actual money.

The graphics are simple but get the job done, and the sound consists of a looping music track and some simple effects.

Ultimately, Vegas Dream at its core is just a simple gambling game, but if you enjoy gambling without the risk of losing any real money then you should find this game entertaining.

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