The Launch of the Sega Saturn (1995)

Episode 35 – The North American launch of the Sega Saturn. The Saturn was surprise-launced on May 11, 1995 along with 6 games. Virtua Fighter was the pack-in, while Daytona USA, Panzer Dragoon, Clockwork Knight, Worldwide Soccer: Sega International Victory Goal Edition, and Pebble Beach Golf Links were also available.

Show Notes:

– This was the first episode for which the gameplay footage was recorded in RGB instead of s-video.

– This was only the second episode featuring the Sega Saturn.

– This was the fourth episode covering the launch of a console.

– The video sequence featuring Takenubo Mitsuyoshi is from a Karaoke commercial, and is the property of Sega Games Co., Ltd.

– This was the first episode featuring the new channel art in the intro, although the old art is still (temporarily) being used in the end credits.

– The Sony PVM is not currently on my desk because I am using an XRGB-mini setup, but I still have the PVMs.

– No, I do not smoke. The ashtray on my desk is a Japanese arcade ashtray that use to keep small things in.

– This is the first episode featuring “show notes” in the description.